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imacutetalkingfishbone here have a starter!

Toothless was fifteen when he had his first heat. Fifteen and alone with his best friend, Hiccup, an Alpha, though he certainly didn’t look it. They were very quickly overcome by instinct and proceeded to destroy Hiccup’s bedroom in their mating frenzy. Since then, they’d kept up a decent courtship, Toothless accepting Hiccup’s Training Collar and cuffs to mark him as Hiccup’s potential mate.



A Toothcup drabble from Astrid's view


Astrid ‘saw’ Hiccup ‘the hero’ in her mind. In her mind ‘Hiccup’ would sweep her off her feet and tell her she was great. In her mind she had children and a husband.

The reality was worse for her than she thought it was. Hiccup, Valka and Toothless had vanished with the dragons. There were…


While looking for resources and inspiration for my fic, i ended up taking myself on a crash course in pre-christian Viking culture.
During my internet escapades i managed to solidify certain aspects of Hiccup’s character that i had previously only suspected existed.
Anyway! i thought you guys might find this particularly interesting… Does that last bit there remind you of anyone?